Historians of the duine are called singers.
A duine realm called the Reach.

Orc culture, from Stuffer Shack here.

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God of destruction and fury hated the world that the other gods had created. Joined the primordials to try and destroy it. After they were put down he was imprisoned in the Elemental Chaos. His prison soon swelled to become the Abyss and he made the first demons to take his revenge upon the world and begin a new campaign against creation, but he made them so much like himself that they refused to serve him. He set them loose upon the universe and began corrupting angels to strike against the god who imprisoned him. As the first deific murder, his rival’s death pleased him. Demons still consider themselves his favorite children, even though they were cast aside. They believe that, although devils served him more effectively, he

Or… demons were the original servants of the gods, but they refused to serve. The god who made them instilled them with a certain wild genius, but their creation was perverted. Rather than obey the will of the gods, they rose up and destroyed their creator, and for this they were cast into the darkest corner of creation. Angels were their replacement. Demons believe that they are the gods’ equals and that, although they seek only oblivion, they are greater in the sight of the gods than the angels. Powerful though they are, angels are ultimately limited to the roles of messengers and servants. One dark angel aspired to more, and chafed at the honored role of the lowly mortal races in the gods’ sight. For this he and his choirs were cast out of the gods’ service, and became devils. Devils share with angels an absolute hatred for demons, as utterly antithetical to the divine.

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  • Some kind of cursed, icy marsh in the north. It’s covered in mists and mirror-clear waters, and loathsome winged creatures glide overhead. Ghouls haunt its lonely passages and prey on the unwary and an evil force drains all color from the land. Legends say it’s cursed for lying in the shadow of a mountain which is topped by a glacial pool in which sits a foul artifact.
  • A choked and overgrown swamp inhabited by a particularly filthy tribe of goblins. Near the orc lands.
  • The Feywild is called The Dreaming. The Shadowfell is called something else, and possibly both it and the Feywild are one unified plane split into two realms.
  • Winterbole Forest is located north of the human lands, and is avoided due to its vengeful and brooding treant lords.
  • A coastal stretch of cold plains and low hills patrolled by clans of giants. Not as many as most travelers would believe, for the giants have dwindled in number (driven to the brink of extinction by war with orcs?). Mostly hill giants and frost giants, although at least one empire each of fire giants and frost giants exist in the land, located deep underground with an unassuming cave entrance.
  • Orcs fight with soft metals. They cannot create steel, due to their lesser aptitude for technology, but also in large part to scarcity of resources (orc territory doesn’t have as much iron ore as human lands, nor such plentiful forests that wood can fuel forges day and night). Orcs understand that their armaments are inferior to those of humans, and rightly fear an army whose steel weapons can shatter the bronze blades that orcs wield. The orcs despise this disadvantage, and covet any steel weapons recovered from slain foes.
  • The world is called Oecumene, or is at least called such by the humans.
  • The Dwarven script is called Futhark

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