Pantheon: Gedderos


Epithets: The Maimer, The Barrow King, The Cleansing Lord, The Keeper of Few, Inheritor of the Earth
Rank: Lesser God
Portfolio: Plague, undead, superiority, greed
Domains: Destruction, Tyranny, Undeath
Priests: Chosen
Alignment: Chaotic Evil

The Maimer, as the fearful masses refer to this dread figure, is said to wait to devour the world in an apocalypse of terror and gore, and his devout believe that their faith will spare them from the diseases and undead abominations which will consume the cowering, unworthy masses. Some of his servants are among the world’s most talented practitioners of necromancy.


  • Clear the way for Gedderos to rule all the world, and he will bestow unimaginable power on you.
  • Pursue your own base impulses and take what you want, for you deserve everything. Hold onto what you have by any means, for others want what you have.
  • The few and the mighty are superior to the many and the lowly. Those favored by Gedderos owe no respect to any other beings or authorities.


Corruption Wears a Porcelain Mask: The Barrow King’s cult is fervently outlawed in all civilized lands, but it remains a festering disease among many of the aristocratic lineages across all races. They believe that disease is the hand of their decaying master at work, and when he culls the weak from the herd, he will spare them, to rule over the undeserving chattel. These highborn Chosen call themselves the Purified Order, and even when meeting others of their Order they conceal their identities behind masks.

The Cleansing Lord: The cult of Gedderos is headed by a figure that calls itself the High Purifier. None know the High Purifier’s true identity, and most cultists believe him or her to be one of the highest noble lords of the realm, though few dare speculate who. If the High Purifier has withstood the relentless inquisition aimed at rooting out the cult leadership over the years, then the fiend must be a master of deception. However, some priests are convinced that the cult’s orders come directly from Gedderos himself, who occasionally extends his will into the world in order to make his commands known.

Upon a Fever Dream: The world is yours for the taking. And you deserve to take it. No, not them. Not those others. You. Only you can make your basest desires become real, and you must. Do not allow yourself the luxury of believing that your enemies do not plot your own demise. Cast down the chattel around you. Disease, striking the weakest from the flock, is the perfect tool for Gedderos to manifest his will and show his favor. The masses, that fearful rabble of filth, wait to be swept clean, to make way for those who have demonstrated true commitment to the dark vision of Gedderos. In death, they will accomplish more than their short, pointless lives could ever have achieved.


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